NYC and Boston Mandates Compared: LL97 v BERDO

The team at Brightcore Energy takes a look at the New York City LL97 mandates in comparison to Boston's "BERDO" in a great piece by Clean Energy Data Analyst, Celine Damide. 

While the LL97 and BERDO mandates share the goal of decarbonizing the built environment, there are some key differences highlighted by Brightcore Energy, from buildings targeted, to carbon limits and penalties.  For example, NYC's LL97 addresses approximately 70% of the city's emissions, while Boston's BERDO will cover approximately 60% of Boson's emissions from buildings. Jump into Celine Damide's article here to see a breakdown differences between the programs and click the contact us to lean how PACE can help support necessary improvements to new or existing buildings (in Boston too).  

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