PACE Financing for NYC Property Owners

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Owners of existing buildings can secure PACE financing for energy-saving capital improvements to their property(ies).  

From Brooklyn to the Bronx, the five boroughs feature countless opportunities for owners to invest in enhanced building performance. 

By way of example:

  • a multifamily owner can replace end-of-life infrastructure such as roofing, and in doing so add a green roof to enhance common areas
  • an office can invest in building management systems and indoor air quality monitors as part of a COVID-19 preparedness strategy
  • an industrial or manufacturing facility can add solar and storage solutions to drive down operating expenses and ensure resiliency in the event of a power outage
  • a property with a mandate to make facade improvements based on Local Law 11 (Façade Inspection & Safety Program (FISP)) can explore using PACE financing to improve the overall building envelope for both safety and energy efficiency.
PACE Financing for Property Owners

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